Ellen offers mentoring, life guidence, for individuals who are passionate about personal growth. She also offers mentoring specific to the work of Yoga Therapists and Yoga Teachers. See descriptions below.

Applying the Philosophy and Psychology of Yoga, ellen invites you into a process of self exploration. This is not a Yoga Posture focused experience. Postures may however be used to support a deep sense of embodiment.

Ellen’s mentoring process emphasizes self inquiry, values identification (personal and/or professional)  and authentic living/teaching (aligned with one’s values).


Mentoring for personal growth and self understanding (a process of self-inquiry and spiritual dialogue). These sessions are ideal for:

  • Cultivating vision for how you live in this world
  • Living in greater alignment with what you personally value
  • Awakening radical self-love and acceptance
  • Exploring patterns and projections that keep you stuck
  • Living with Depression, Anxiety & Trauma
  • Finding meaning and purpose in an unsettled world

Yoga Therapist Mentoring can include exploration of:

  • Personal Practice – Inspiring, creating, committing
  • Enhancing the intake process – use of forms, interviewing skills, using intake to create a plan, creating wellness goals
  • First session finesse
  • Multi-session planning
  • Teaching multilevel group Yoga Therapy classes
  • Fostering Therapeutic Relationship
  • Cultivating Authentic Presence
  • Expanding your language tool box
  • Deepening awareness of and working with the Koshas & Subtle Body
  • Working in the realm of Manomaya Kosha (including depression, anxiety & trauma)
  • Conscious Communication

Yoga Teacher Mentoring can include exploration of:

  • Teaching multilevel classes
  • Adapting classes for identified populations (seniors, kids, special need groups, etc.)
  • Creating classes that embrace the 8 fold path (yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi)
  • Cultivating authentic presence – finding YOUR VOICE as a teacher
  • Expanding your language tool box
  • Understanding the Koshas and how to work with them in a class


Free inquiry session –  15 minutes by appointment – Is mentoring for you?  Are we a good match?

Single 30 minute session, $60 – 3 sessions 30 minutes each, $160;

60 minute session, $108 – 3 sessions 60 minutes each, $300

Questions or to Schedule please email: